September 7, 2013

Birthday Bed from KidKraft

I don't know about you but for me it is always a struggle to figure out what to get my kids for their birthdays. F has been a huge problem because I feel like, after three kids, we have so many toys she can play with and she doesn't really need anything. This year for her birthday we decided to do things a little differently and get her fewer toys and more things that will be useful. One of those things was a toddler bed from KidKraft.
I just love the Raleigh Bed in White that KidKraft sent us for her birthday gift. It looks great in her room now and will be even better once I get the walls painted and the curtains up. E put the bed together for me and he said it was relatively simple to do. The instructions were easy to follow and KidKraft packaged everything so that it was easy to find when he needed it. He did mention that you should read the instructions and follow them or you may have to back up and redo what you've already have together.
As far as the bed goes, F isn't quite ready to sleep in it yet but she loves climbing on it to play and it is just the right height for me to feel good about letting her explore without worrying too much about her falling and getting hurt. The big brothers also love having the bed around to lay on and have slumber parties with their sister.
I am so glad we decided to get a bed for F's birthday. It really was a perfect birthday gift because it's something we would have needed anyway and it's not another toy to add to my already overflowing toy room. A Kidcraft toddler bed is a great idea for first birthdays and I recommend this to other parents who are looking for a perfect birthday gift for their one year old!

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  1. I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only parent who puts their one year old in a toddler bed. Everyone told me not to but my almost three year old has done just fine. =) Cute little bed.