September 12, 2013

Take Charge of Your Life with a Bear Coat

Where are you going with your life? Have you set any goals lately? Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Life can only be lived in the present. You can only learn from the past and try to anticipate the future. However, it is better to just be present and have a good time. So many people make the error of regretting past mistakes. Yes it is appropriate to feel bad when you mess up and hurt others. Sadly, it doesn't help you or the victims of your neglect when you spend your whole day sitting around moping. Most of the time people hurt each other because they are selfish. A driver feels like he has superior skills and can drive drunk with no problems. That type of selfish behavior can lead to tragedy. A drunk driver cannot reverse the damage they have done. However, they can aspire to change their ways and make the world a better place.

Escape from Your Old Reality

Many people feel like they need a fresh start. What better way to start your journey towards living in the present than making up for the past. Go out and try to do a good deed for every person in your life that you've ever wronged. Too many people suffer from a victim’s mentality. They blame anything and everything for their situation. Escaping from the mental prison of the victim’s mentality can lead to emotional growth. This can lead to growth in all areas of life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, put on a bear coat, and get to work.

Face Your Problems Head on Like a Bear

While a bear coat is probably the funniest prop from a comedy show you could ever own, it is a symbol of much more. The bear is powerful and majestic. It lives a life from which many people could learn. Keep things simple. Don’t regret the past. Take what you need and help the ones to which you are closest. Face your problems head on by dropping the victim’s mentality and becoming one with your inner bear.

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