February 6, 2014

Share Some Love With Spot this Valentines

Sharing our love with our family is super important during the Valentines season. This year, as you share the love don't forget your furry friends. We have five of the four footed family members at the Kerr house and we love them all! If you haven't read about us recently you may not know that each of the Kerr pets was adopted from a local rescue. We are so happy with the help we have received finding the perfect pets for our home!

If you're looking for the perfect pet for your family one place you should check out is Power of the Paw. They are an amazing rescue organization that, although small, does amazing things for the animals. The founder is a wonderful woman who will always do anything in her power to help you find the perfect pet for your family. The easiest way to find Power of the Paw is to follow their Facebook page where you can find all the latest updates on the available animals and any other projects the organization is working on.

Right now one of the animals Power of the Paw is working with is Spot. Spot is an orange tabby who was hit by a car. He had surgery to fix a broken leg and currently has a fixator on his leg. He's currently healing and getting some TLC with Power of the Paw. Spot is very grateful for the two individuals that paid for his surgery and for everyone else involved.... the good Samaritan that brought him into the Emergency clinic, those at the clinic who gave him a chance, the staff at River City Animal Hospital who performed and were involved in his surgery, Heath's Haven for posting that he needed a foster and all those who shared in hope of finding his family and those who called in donations.

If you're interested in helping Spot and other animals in need of some TLC make sure you check out the Power of the Paw page today!

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