February 28, 2014

Well Beginnings For Children and Babies

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings. 

If you're a regular reader of our blog than you know that at the Kerr house we generally use cloth diapers. There are times however, that I do use disposables on my kids. These tend to be times of high stress, like the first week we have a new baby, or when we are traveling, because many members of our family are not cloth diaper friendly. Because of this, I have learned that there are some brands of diapers I prefer over others. One of these brands is Walgreens Well Beginnings.

well-beginnings-diaper-bagThere are so many reasons we love using Well Beginnings diapers when disposables are in demand. The first is that there are two convenient locations to buy them near our home plus one near Grandma's. I just love how fast and easy it is to run into Walgreens and grab a package of diapers. Because we aren't using disposables every day I only buy what I need so this is an easy way to avoid a line and know that I am getting a great diaper at a great price.

Well Beginnings diapers are not only convenient for our family but they are also a trustworthy brand. Walgreens diapers offer great leak protection with their stretchable waist and sides plus they are super soft and include natural botanical, vitamin E and aloe to help keep your active baby's skin soft. Right now both of my kids in diapers wear size 4 and as you can see, they fit very well. In fact, we will be taking these on a weekend trip later this month and I love knowing they will hold up for the long car ride ahead.

If you are looking for amazing disposables for your child(ren) then make sure you check out the Well Beginnings brand. Even if you use cloth for everyday like we do it's great to know that at those times when you just need a little help that there is an option that will work for your child and help you out a little too.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.

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