May 15, 2015

Embarrassing but Necessary - The Untold Story + Giveaway!

Sometimes as a mom there are things we just don't like to talk about. You know, when you get to the store and realize your child has poop up their back. Or that time when your child threw up all over at church. The truth is, life happens, and mom's understand. Most other women aren't looking at you with dislike, they are thinking "how can I help?" and if its me nearby, know I may not be brave enough to offer assistance (yes, I'm shy) but I will be praying for you.

One of those embarrassing things we get to deal with as moms is bladder leakage. It's not attractive, we don't like talking about it, and many of us probably don't even like to admit that it's a problem we face. It's a good thing we love those kids, most of the time, because most of us know where the root of the problem started.

Thankfully, there are others that understand our plight. This month we are excited to be helping to celebrate Depend's second year of Underwareness. As part of this celebration they are supporting women with bladder leakage by donating up to $3 million to advance the research and education of bladder leakage. With their low rise, Active Fit briefs, with an underwear-like look, fit and fill Depends has our backs and knows what we need to make it through our life as a mom.


  1. Haven't had one yet but I'm ready for it

  2. Me either, but I don't think I'm ready for it!

  3. I can't remember anything specific but I know I've had them! I'm pretty good about laughing them off though!