May 6, 2015

Extra Large 100% Organic Muslin Blankets from Margaux & May

Margaux & May Muslin Blanket with Baby
In case you haven't guessed, at our house we LOVE muslin blankets! Little G in particular is a huge fan of muslins, to the point that she won't sleep without one. She's just too funny, she'll scream and scream but the minute she's in her bed the blanket goes in one hand and the fingers go in the mouth and out she goes. It's absolutely adorable!

The last couple of weeks we have had the lucky chance to get to try out the NEW Margaux & May Muslin Blanket Set and they are fabulous. To highlight a few of my favorite things Margaux & May blankets:

  • Are 100% Organic
  • Have an extra large size to fit growing babies
  • Amazingly soft
  • Unique prints that you won't be afraid to carry

It's a short list but you should certainly check out these amazing blankets! You will love the unique twist on a classic baby must have. Today I am excited that Margaux & May have agreed to giveaway a set of their new muslin blankets to three Kerrific readers. Entering is simple, just use the form below. Good luck! 


  1. I like their ultra soft mattress protector made from bamboo and rayon.

  2. I like the feather print blanket.

  3. I like the feather print blanket! such cute designs!

  4. I love the feather print swaddle! The animal print one would look adorable as the 'wrapping paper'/extra gift for a baby shower I'm going to soon, too