October 31, 2017

Plugfones and Tree Trimming

Guest post by Erik Kerr.
To start off I am a tree trimmer. I run a brush chipper that operates at 119Db (decibels). Which is like being at a rock concert. I have tried multiple types of ear plugs and though the Plugfones do not cancel the most noise of the chipper it definitely made my work day a whole lot more enjoyable. The carry case was creative and useful. The clarity of the sound was much better than I had hoped. The fact that the Plugfones come with a second type of earplug surprised me. With all the other types of earplugs I have tried I think that the Plugfones are by far my favorite to use when I have the days I want music going as I am getting my job done.

After opening the shipping package I was surprised at the case in which the Plugfones arrived. The plugfones come in a cylindrical case with a screw on cap, a spacer which holds the volume control and the ear plugs/ ear buds, than space under the spacer which held the second type of earplugs. I thought the packaging was creative and useful.

The ear plugs that come already on the earphones are much like the type of ear plugs I have been using recently at work. They are the type in which you squeeze or roll and insert into the ear and they expand. Even with the bud part the plug part holds really well in the ear. The plugs I use at work cut up to 33Db. The first type of plugfones plug cut up to 28Db. The second type of plugs cut up to 23Db.

In Idaho, where I live and work, the wind is regularly blowing. I had the opportunity to talk to my wife while using the plugfones. She commented on how well she could hear me. The noise cancellation part of plugfones exceeded my expectations and hers.

The last feature that I had to smile about was the controls at the end of the cord. Though that are closer to the end of the cord it was nice not to have to reach all the way into the pocket and pull the phone out in order to control the volume or get Google pulled up. The center button of the controls pulls up the voice menu of the phone and you can make calls just by pushing the button. In a near hands free mode it was really nice.

I was somewhat skeptical when the Plugfones came in. I had never heard of earplugs mixed with earphones. Having the clarity of the noise cancellation through the mic and the decibel dampening in the plugs there will be many a days that I will be able to operate in louder situations while still enjoying the music and near hands free situations to make calls to clients and home.

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