January 9, 2018

New Year, New Me: Goals

I can't believe that new years has come and gone. It's absolutely so crazy and I'm not sure where 2017 has gone. Now that my kids are finally starting to feel better from their holiday break illnesses (more on that later) it's time for me to get back to my life and actually write down my goals for the following years. So here it goes!

1. Become a Book Nerd (again): I did this challenge a few years ago through our local library and I really want to do it again. You can help track my progress with the list on the right sidebar here at the blog. I will also be posting reviews of the books I read so you can find some things that fit your taste.

2. Pull out the bike: my lovely hubby got me a new bike for my birthday a couple years ago and I haven't been very good at using it. This year, I want to get our kid trailer hooked up and head out to enjoy the neighborhood, the sun, and exercise. Watch Instagram to see our adventures.

3. Blog More: believe it or not, I miss blogging. This year, I want to post at least once a week. Hopefully you'll see more than that but with my first two goals in mind, once a week is my minimum goal.

4. Take Care of Myself: this is something that I always struggle with as a mom. This year my promise to myself is to do the little things to be me. Moisturizing cream, hair brushing, and occasionally putting my feet up will be happening for me this year.

5. Enjoy My Family: this is an every day goal at my house. As most moms will admit, some days are harder than others but as I every day I will continue to see the best in each member of my family and love them wholeheartedly.

What do you think? Will it be achievable? I certainly hope so! 

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