January 28, 2018

Sharing the Headphones - The Easy Way

Last spring I took a trip for work from Idaho Falls, ID. to Salt Lake UT. with some co-workers for an aerial rescue training class. On the car ride I took my laptop with a selection of movies to watch. No I was not driving. I fact I was stuck in the middle back of a truck. I call the hump! Knowing the trip is only three hours I was planning to watch a movie on the way down and another on the way back. Of course I had chosen a few movies the co-workers might be  interested in watching as well. Yet not everyone was up for a movie. I had my headphones of course as did one of my co-workers. The problem with my laptop is that it does not have a dual headphone jack. The KabelDirekt Y adapter would have come in very handy as I was trying to share a good movie with the co-workers. The KabelDirekt Y adapter is a connector that allows for two(2) 3.5mm headphone jacks to be inserted into one device simultaneously. Instead of us being able to listen to the movie I shut it down and waited until I got home to watch it.

After receiving the KabelDirekt Y adapter I was surprised at the clarity it allows for music and sound. This tiny little adapter really is something amazing. For the friends that like to share music or videos yet don’t want to have it playing for everyone to hear this tiny little device really does help.

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