April 14, 2012

Be Fit Mom Review

Most every mom sets a goal to get back in shape once their baby arrives but very few, at least in my experience, get it done. Be Fit Mom's goal is to help every mom achieve their goals of loosing weight and getting their tummy back.

I didn't get to use this very long between babies but there are some things that I really like. The first thing is that the DVD comes with a fitness band and this is the only thing you need to complete your workout. I also like that the workout combines stretching and strengthening to give you the most for the time you spend.

Overall I think this is a great DVD for a mom just getting back after a new baby and I'm super excited to be offering it as part of our Oh Baby Baby prize pack.

1 comment :

  1. I could use something to get me back in shape after this baby comes.