April 27, 2012

Car Seat Organizer Review

With three little boys our car tends to be an extension of our living space and turns into a mess quickly. This is the biggest problem during the winter because I don't like to go outside to clean out the car very often. Thanks to our new car organizer things in the Kerr car are beginning to be a bit more organized.

I have to say that I really like this organizer. Because or seats don't have pockets on the back this has solved a problem we didn't know we had. As you can see it usually has a water bottle, dog leash, some burp rags, and a pocket for small toys. The other pocket usually has a roll of toilet paper in it, since you never know when you might need a tissue.

This organizer is a simple black which looks great in my car. It is also holding up really well. I love that the fabric is slick so it is easy to wipe off when it gets mud, juice or anything else on it.

You can check out this and a bunch of other great travel products at TravelProducts.com.

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