April 13, 2012

Solar Power

E is always wanting us to get our own source of power. One thing he keeps talking about is portable solar power. In some ways his talking about this is very frustrating because I have absolutely no way of doing this right now but it is super nice to know that he wants us to be able to take care of ourselves and not rely so much on others.

The other great thing about E wanting to do this is that by the time he graduates he should be able to install all power source himself which will be awesome! That means we might not have to stick with portable energy sources but that we could possibly get ourselves some power sources that will be large enough to actually power our house, or close too. I can't tell you how nice this would be after dealing with a high electric bill all winter. I'm so glad it's finally starting to warm up, mind you it's snowing at our house today, and that we should start to see some relief from high bills soon.

Do you have problems with high energy bills? Do you talk about installing some energy sources for your home? Tell us about it!

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