April 14, 2012

OsoCozy Diaper Review

Cloth diapers are everyone and each one is different enough that you have some decisions to make. OsoCozy recently sent us a diaper to try and it worked great! I don't have any pictures because D outgrew it just after it was received but I'm super excited to use it with the new baby.

We'll start with the downfalls. The only thing I really didn't like about this diaper is that it took FOREVER to dry. That is compared to other diapers it took an extra 2-4 hours to hang dry. This is not a big deal you just have to plan for it and I tend to have a bad habit of waiting until the very last minute to wash so I need my diapers asap.

Other than that this was/is a wonderful diaper! The size is good (we received the small) and D grew out of it right at that 19-20 lbs mark. We are especially excited that this diaper starts at 6 lbs because that is a big baby for us and we can never find cloth diapers small enough for our newborns. I also really like the colors. They aren't fancy but they are good strong colors and I don't have to worry about boy/girl problems.

OsoCozy is a great diaper and I look forward to a long life of this diaper. Make sure you visit them and head over to win your own diaper during Oh Baby Baby!


  1. On form as Tonya Extine Hopkins

    I just changed over to cloth with my one year old, but use GroVia. I have never heard of this brand, but they look really absorbent

  2. I could use another diaper in my stash for baby boy on the way.