April 21, 2012

Maranda Lee Review

Here at the Kerr house we've been through a few diaper bags. We've done little and only taking what is absolutely necessary and we've done huge to take everything we might need for 3 kids. They both have their benefits and times when they are necessary. As my big boys have gotten older, and we moved closer to town, I've need to take all the supplies less and have gotten another new diaper bag.

Maranda Lee sent me a Emma bag in some beautiful colors. It is the first diaper bag I have had that has been both beautiful and function-able which I think is awesome! We've been using it for a while now and there has only been once that it was not big enough (we were going out of town and needed something to hold more than one change of clothes per kid) but other than that I have loved it!

This is the perfect bag for your everyday outings. As you can see it easily holds some clothes, a wet bag with 2-3 diapers, a blanket, some snacks for mom, water, a bottle, some nose wipes, and a few small toys. It doesn't look big or bulky and I don't feel like I have to hide it when I see all those stylish young women with their fashion purses.

If you're looking for an awesome bag, for diapers or otherwise, I highly recommend Maranda Lee!

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