April 13, 2012

Fairhaven Health Review

Recently as we have been looking for products to help me through this pregnancy I discovered FairhavenHealth. I was amazed by their selection of natural products for pregnancy and beyond. They sent us some awesome products to review and I must say that I was quite pleased.

The multivitamins they sent me worked great for a prenatal. The pills were of average size and were not overly difficult to swallow. I loved that they were all natural but I would recommend holding your nose when taking them as they do have a very distinct smell, one of those bonuses of not have preservatives or flavoring.

I have also really enjoyed the stretchmark cream Fairhaven sent me. Stretch marks have not been a huge problem yet but I do have a few remaining from previous pregnancies that have started to itch and hurt. I have been very happy that Fairhaven's stretch mark cream has helped relieve the itching of these marks and preventing any new marks thus far.

The last piece of the set Fairhaven sent me was a Prenatal Yoga DVD. I have been too sick to use this much but as I begin to feel better I am enjoying this simple, relaxing routine. I enjoy yoga but have had a hard time finding routines that I can do and I really enjoy this one. It is simple enough that I will be able to do it through most of my pregnancy but yet it certainly helps me feel better and relax. I also like that I don't need to go buy anything new to complete this routine.

I love what I got from Fairhaven Health so make sure to check them out and head over to win during Oh BabyBaby!

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  1. They have so many great products. I have the Ovacue and love it. I would love more items for pregnancy and baby.