April 23, 2012

Splendipity Review

With every baby comes the task of keeping them safe. For my babies a big part of that is keeping them out of the sun and wind when we are out and about. This wasn't a problem with baby #1, we just stayed home, but the more children I have the harder time we have staying in so keeping them covered is a necessity.

To help us solve this problem, Splendipity sent us an awesome car seat cover, along with a matching burp cloth and bib, to review. I really like this cover and am anxious to use it with Baby F. My favorite thing is that it has ventilation and a vision area so you can see your baby. This is especially great during hot summer months here in Idaho. I also like that it stays put in the wind thanks to it's secure attachment to the car seat. The hardest part for me is getting it on and off, which I'm sure will get better with practice. I should also note that there is a handy pocket in the front that is very nice for dropping your keys in while you put the car seat in the car (or take it out) so you don't drop them on the ground.

You can check out this awesome car seat cover, and lots of other fun items, over at Splendipity.

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