April 16, 2012

Milk-Saver Review

I love breastfeeding my kids. I hate those first weeks when every time I do I have to change not only my breast pad, but my bra, and my shirt too because there is just too much milk! The disappointing part for me is that my body gives out sometime between 4 and 6 months and just doesn't produce anymore. I have often wondered why my body can't level itself out so I can feed my baby longer. Now with the help of Milk-Savers I can do just that.

Milk-Savers are a product you use on the opposite side you are nursing on. They are made to catch that leaking milk so it can be saved and does not go to waste. My only concern with these is that they are large. Mind you that I am a very small woman so most things are large compared to me. I do however know that I will grow quite a bit between now and when the new baby arrives and that by then these will probably be the perfect size. I'm super excited to try it and hopefully feed my baby breast milk a little longer, and save myself some laundry since I won't have to change as often.

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