April 27, 2012

Types of Razors

There are lots of different razors available for today's shavers. Everyone has seen the large selection of razors at the store. Sometimes the selection can be a little daunting.

Most of the razors we see in the store's collection are disposable straight blade razors. These razors to the job of a traditional straight razors without requiring the technique a barber, the traditional user of a straight blade razor.

There are many other things that you will probably want before you start shaving to go with your razor. One thing everyone needs is a good shaving cream or shaving soap. There are lots of different kinds of shaving creams to choose from. My favorites are those that are moisturizing that makes shaving less likely to dry out my skin.

Most men also like having a mirror when they shave. If your man likes to shave in the shower you might want to get him a fog-less mirror to go with is razor and shaving cream. I know this is one of my husband's favorite shower tools.

Everyone has a favorite razor and accessories that work best for them. If you don't like what you first try, try something else. Shaving doesn't have to be painful or irritating. You just need to work to find the best razor and accessories for you.

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  1. Shaving seems more than just the blade or shaving tool you use. Thanks for the post.