April 13, 2012

Glow Bug Diapers Review

With three children in cloth diapers (B just at night) you can probably imagine why we tend to enjoy one size diapers. All the boys are big enough that a one size diaper does a pretty good job of keeping everything contained and it certainly simplifies my life of keeping them all in cloth.

The first thing we loved about Glow Bug diapers was the fun prints they have. My boys all love the bright green on the diaper they sent us. As you can see D highly approves! These pictures are of the diaper on him where as a 19 lb baby he wears it on a mid range setting. I must ask that you please excuse the rash in these pictures. It is rug burn from a baby learning to crawl and is not from the diaper.

Another thing I love about this diaper is the placement of the hip snaps. They seem to be closer to the center than many diapers we have tried and it seems to keep the diaper tighter without restricting any leg movement.

This diaper is a pocket diaper and came with a microfiber insert that also works well. It has some of the typical problems of microfiber, mainly staining, but is nothing that can't be dealt with. The inserts also snap into the diaper to stay in place. We do not usually use the snaps as it is one extra step and they work fine that way too.

I have been super pleased with this diaper from Glow Bug! You can order your diapers today and head over to win during Oh Baby Baby!


  1. I don't know much about one size diapers but I'd love to give this a try. And your son is adorable.

  2. They have so many cute prints.. I'd love to get some~