March 19, 2011

nutella Party

This week we were able to share nutella with some of our friends.

I was one of the lucky mommy bloggers selected to be a host of MommyParties sponsored by Nutella® hazelnut spread

I have loved nutella for a long time. Thanks to my high school French teacher it is one of my favorite treats. In fact, during the first part of my pregnancy with D it was about all I could handle for breakfast. B & C also love "chocolate peanut butter" as they call it. 

We had a great time sharing one of our favorite treats with our friends. There are so many ways to enjoy nutella. Some of our favorites include:

  • on bread/toast for breakfast.
  • heated just a little and then dipping fresh fruit in it.
  • Spread over warm sugar cookies.
Thank you MommyParties for letting us help share such a great product. Make sure you visit Nutella® hazelnut spread today and get a coupon to try Nutella today.


  1. I like this too, thanks to my hubby!

  2. love nutella but had to give it up when I went Vegan when I do slip it's because of Nutella :)

    hopping over from green blog hop