March 31, 2011

Product Feature: Breast Pads

As I am getting ready for Baby D to arrive one thing I have found myself in need of are more breast pads. I have tried many different varieties of breast pads and these are still my favorite. Because I am fairly small I need something that has a cup to it or it looks big and bulky. I love how soft the fleece is that is inside these because it is soothing to my nipples and does not stick to them at any point. They are also super simple to clean because I can just throw them in with my other laundry.

These breast pads are wonderfully comfortable and look nice too. They are made using the same materials as our cloth diapers and are just as nice to use. Each pad has 3 layers. An outer layer of PUL to keep your shirt from getting wet. A middle layer of soaker fabric (usually flannel) to hold the moisture away from your skin. And an inner layer of soft microfleece to pull the moisture away from your skin. 

These pads are contoured so they lay flat and shaped so they fit nicely in your bra. 

All pads are white on the outside, so they don't show through, and either yellow or blue on the inside.

Please make sure you place your order for these awesome pads today. Production will be stopping for a few months when Baby D arrives. 

Pads are sold in sets of 8 or 18 however if you would like more please let me know and we can set up a custom order. 

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  1. I couldn't live without mine when I was breast feeding. Loved em! I am following you from my hop-Bee Friendly Friday. Thanks for joining!! Have a fabulous weekend :)