September 16, 2012

Sweet Pea Maternity Review

As most of you know this summer I have been all about fun maternity clothes. This pregnancy was a little different in that manner. In the past I have been content to wear pajamas all day because I was just home but now that the kids are older I had places I needed to be and wearing something presentable was a must.

I was thrilled when I reconnected with Sweet Pea Maternity. I have enjoyed shopping with them in the past because they offer quality maternity clothes at a discounted price. When they agreed to send me this adorable zig zag skirt I knew it was going to be a big hit! I have loved this skirt clear through my pregnancy. These pictures are of me at 34 weeks and as you can see I am still rocking the zig zags.

My very favorite thing about this skirt is that it is spandex so I will be able to wear it next summer, when I'm not pregnant too. I love that it is simple but the lines help emphasize my length, rather than my girth, and make me feel a little less huge. It is comfortable to wear and cleans really well too.

If you're looking for some great maternity clothes make sure you check out Sweet Pea Maternity. You will love their fun fashions and their great prices. My one shopping tip is not to wait if you love something because their styles sell out fast! Also, make sure you come back to visit during October as we will be giving away a gift card to Sweet Pea Maternity right here at Kerrific during Fall Fashionista!

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