April 21, 2013

Angels Among Us and a Little Chicken Soup

I know I don't post very often on Sundays, right now it's the only day I can guarantee that E is home for the day so we like to spend the day as a family. Usually this consists of the kids taking naps and mom and dad curling up to watch a movie. It's one of my favorite times of the week. There's something special about those moments when everything is quite and all is good in the world. In all honesty, it's these moments that keep me sane. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, my businesses and the crazy world but it's those quite moments of healing that I feel best. It's amazing what happens with a little help from the perfect person can do, help from my angel if you will.
I am a strong believer that everyone needs an angel at some point. Sometimes our angels are mortal and sometimes it's a supernatural help that is looking out just for you. Without these messengers and helpers I know that my world would be very different. There would be many days that I wouldn't make it through and many more times that I would be at a loss on how to get through the next moment.
Recently I had the chance to read Chicken Soup's Angels Among Us collection. It's full of 101 inspiration stories that made me laugh, cry, and reflect. It's been amazing reading material and made me even more thankful for those moments of angel meddling that make even my roughest moments a little more bearable. This book brought me a great moment to reflect on the good and enjoy some peaceful quiet time. Life really is an incredible journey!

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  1. Great review and the book looks great too.

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    Diane :)