April 5, 2013

VW Stories

It seems like we all have some great car stories. Weather it's your own car, someone you were helping, or simply a great road trip there are some stories that just don't ever get old.
With three toddler boys in my house we really like cars (or at least I pretend like I do). This last summer the boys' Uncle A introduced us to a new piece of summer fun when he bought an old VW and started taking it to local car shows. We attended one when he brought it to our town and I have never seen the boys that happy to walk around and listen on a hot summer day.
Of course, they all had to pick their favorite. Generally they liked the ones with the bright paint jobs but there was one VW van that they had put a table in and had it all set for dinner. They thought that was pretty cool and asked Uncle A if that could be his next project for his car.
Right after the car show, we of course had to go rent Herbie (the old ones) for them to watch. It was a huge hit! We still don't own the movies but every time we go to the library to rent one that's what the boys ask for.
They also really like to pick out the “bugs” as we're driving around town. They've found some not quite authentic bugs but they get ever so excited when they see one. It keeps them entertained as we drive around town and I love knowing that they are paying attention to what is going on around them.
This summer hopefully we can take the boys to another car show or two. If not I'll take them to a dealer, like vw jetta chicago, so at least they can see all the cars even if they aren't old nifty ones.
I'm sure the boys will also spend some time with Uncle A fixing up his cars. C especially loves to go out and lay under the car with his uncle and get all dirty (yuck!). Thankfully they also like to help each other clean up when they're done.

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