April 5, 2013

My Spring Wardrobe and Camisoles

Easter came and went which means it's time to change wardrobes for all us ladies. This week I have spent way too much time pulling my clothing boxes out of the basement and exchanging my dark skirts, slacks, and sweaters for shorts, camisoles, and t shirts. It doesn't seem like a huge project but it always ends up taking longer than I planned because this is one of the two chances I take each year to completely gut my closet and get it clean and organized. The end result is awesome but it sure does take a while to get there so here are my tips for helping your closet stay looking beautiful.

  1. Keep it simple: whatever you do don't make your system overly complicated because as nice as things look organized by color the chances of it staying that way (at least for anyone who has kids or a job and no housekeeper) are slim so it's probably not worth your time.
  2. Don't be afraid of shelves: Most closets don't have shelves of any sort but don't be afraid to buy or make some. Even the fabric hanging shelves can work in a pinch. These are great for things like undershirts, bags, and pants that can be difficult to hang up.
  3. Buy only one kind of socks: I simplified my life a lot when I decided to only buy one kind of socks, half in black and half in white. I don't have to spend time matching socks anymore, I simply divide my drawer in half, one side for each color, and then grab two socks from one side each morning.
  4. You don't need to keep everything: if your closet space is limited, like mine is, don't be afraid to donate the things you don't wear more than once a year. Instead invest in items that work with five or six outfits. You'll still leave the house feeling cute and new without the stress of an overcrowded closet.
  5. Put clean laundry on your bed: the worst thing that can happen to your closet is to have clean laundry that doesn't get put away. My trick for this has been to put anything that is clean on my bed. This way I can't go to sleep until it's put where it belongs.

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