April 17, 2013

School's Out, It's Time to Clean + Giveaway

Don't get me wrong, I love learning and going to school. What I don't love is that my house gets neglected during the winter. Yes, we have a small break for Christmas but the holiday of itself makes a big enough mess that any cleaning that actually gets done is counteracted by the mess of a family at the holidays. Now that school is finally over I'm excited to be able to clean and air out the house. We started this last week and I still have a long list but we're slowly making progress.
This week our big jobs include conquering the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are probably the two areas I clean the most often but twice a year I go extra deep and  do things like organizing the cupboards, moving and cleaning under the fridge and stove, and other such jobs that I just don't have time for every week. It's a nasty job but I always feel so much better when it's done! I just love things being clean.
Because I love clean one of my go to brands is Clorox. I love knowing that when I use their products I am getting a good clean. I can't tell you how many times Clorox has saved us when we've had sick kids (or animals) and needed to disinfect everything, something that seems to happen all to often at our house. This year when I purchased my spring cleaning supplies I was excited to find Clorox's new spray every drop bottles. They are so simple and yet genius because they really do allow you to completely empty the bottle without having to do the whole dump method. I am so excited to have these in my house! It's just one more way that Clorox is going above and beyond and giving moms the chance to have the clean they want on the budget they can handle. You can save $1.50 on these new bottles by visiting their website and watching a short video. And make sure you enter below to win a set of coupons to stock your cleaning closet with FREE bottles of Clorox!

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