July 10, 2014

Cat in the Hat: Let's Go on an Adventure!

We're still hanging out this summer and living mostly in the basement to avoid the heat as we don't have air conditioning in our home. Generally we spend the mornings playing and then at nap time I let the older kids watch a movie while the younger ones (and sometimes mom) sleep. This week we had the awesome opportunity to watch Cat in the Hat in Let's Go on an Adventure and the kids loved it!

Is it educational? Sure thing! My kids favorite episode on this one is "Meet Salmon Sam". I thought this was awesome as we live in an area where you can actually see the Salmon during their yearly migration so no we're planning a trip to go watch.

Why are the bonus reasons for loving it? I love Cat in the Hat because he is great for all ages. I know that when we watch a Cat in the Hat movie my older kids will learn something but my younger kids will not get bored because they can't follow along.

How do we rate it? The Kerr family gives this film 5 out of 5 stars. 

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