July 19, 2014

Writer's Block - Tips For The Rest of Us

Funny how I had planned to write this post and as I sit at the computer I get ... Nothing. Writer's block always seems to hit at the most inconvenient times, when I have something due or I need to get some posts scheduled because I'm have someplace to go and won't be by the computer (today is both). I've talked to many authors and almost every one of them has told me that they have faced the same challenge at one time or another so, here are my tips for helping to overcome what I call the "dead brain moments".

1. Change in Scenery - My husband often complains that my office moves. Yes, I have an room as an office at the house but you will frequently find me with my laptop on the couch, in bed, and even outside when it's nice. Sitting in the same place day after day can get very dull and when I'm struggling to write often a change in scenery can help mix things up and get me going.

2. Take a Break - This can be hard to do but often when I am stumped I find that I have been working too long. Taking a break to get simply get a snack and use the restroom can help recharge my battery and get me going again. Note: a few rounds of Candy Crush is also a great distraction when I'm needing a break time - thank you Facebook!

3. Talk to someone - Many times writing becomes a solitary activity but since starting this blog I have found new strength in those brainstorming sessions I suffered through in high school. Even talking to one of my kids about the topic I am writing about can give me something new to think about and get my mind moving again.

4. Nap Time - Granted this is not always a good idea when I'm pushing the deadline but taking a nap, or going to bed, is oftentimes a needed solution to writer's block. Because I try to spend time with my kids during the day I generally write when they are either napping or in bed for the night and sometimes, even when I want to write, I have to give in and go to bed too.

5. Just Start - At least for me, the beginning is always the hardest. If all else fails to get me going I just start. It doesn't matter where. Just go and don't think. You can always go back and edit later.

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