July 29, 2014

Fancy Feast® #LoveABowl

Tracking PixelYou all see the smiley faces of my kids all the time but did you know that we have some other faces that we love at our house too? Because five kids isn't enough we also have three dogs and two cats all of whom we love dearly.

Because we love our pets we like to not only provide them with the best food we can but we also like to splurge on the occasional treat. For the dogs this is easy because they love ham bones and carrots which are both amazing treats but for the cats finding a treat they enjoy is a bit more difficult as they are picky eaters. 

Recently our picky eaters had the chance to try Fancy Feast®’s Broths, during this sponsored program, as an after dinner snack and they loved it! I’m so glad that our kitty duo likes the Broths and I see them as a great addition to our cat’s diet.

There are so many things that I love about Fancy Feast® Broths:

  1. They are made without by-products or fillers – this is a huge deal to help guarantee that our best friends are getting the high quality food we want them to. 
  2. The pouches are flat – super helpful for shelf storage. 
  3. They are ready to pour – making them easy to dish and eliminating the sharp edges of cans. 
  4. They come in eight varieties – to keep things from getting dull. 
  5. They have a long shelf life – check out that 2016 expiration date! We all know that I’m a stock up shopper and this means I can keep it around. 

Are you ready to try Fancy Feast® Broths? Leave me a comment with the feature you are most excited to share with your feline friend and then head over here to learn more about Fancy Feast® Broths!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast®.

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