July 12, 2014

From Lemons to Lemonade Our Top Five Tips for Dealing with Down Days

My best walking buddy!
There are some times when life just gets you down. We've had one of those months at our house. Not only do we have a new baby (that is a good thing) but it is making mommy's emotions go crazy. Then, before she has hit the month old mark we have had a small fire resulting in the loss of our oven, the microwave quit, D stepped on some hot charcoals resulting in a very burnt foot, and E has been working three jobs to help make ends meet and is never home. Needless to say, it has been a month when I have simply needed regular pick me ups so, here are my tips for helping pick yourself up when life has you down.

1. Go for a walk! I'm not huge on exercise (chasing the kids every day is enough for me) but I do know that when I'm having a hard time going for a walk can help burn the extra energy and encourage my body to relax and sleep better. Sleep is a huge healer!

2. Do something you love! It's been a Gilmore Girls and sewing kinda month for me.

3. Read a book! It can be anything. I'm known to pull out a good novel but I also love books like Chicken Soup's From Lemons to Lemonade that have short stories for any time that I need a little boost.

4. Get out of the house! This can be super hard when you're feeling down but going someplace almost always helps me feel better. This time of year I recommend something outside - the farmer's market and local street festivals are some of my favorites.

5. Make a point to spend time with those you love! It could be a date night or a night of pizza with the girls. It really doesn't matter, just be around other people and enjoy yourself!

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