February 20, 2011

B Update

So I've been promising you an therapy update on B. Well here it is.

Speech - Mrs. B is great! B has come so far with her help. His new favorite words are "maybe", "probably", and "honey" (we really need to start calling each other mom & dad apparently).

Physical - We had an evaluation and it seems he is keeping up. We were a little worried he was falling behind again but the therapist says he is staying at the same level (comparatively) that he was at a year ago when he stopped getting PT.

Developmental - Mrs. E is still working with B. She is the only therapist that has been with us since the very beginning. We're working on colors, stringing beads, and making lines & circles in paper. So far B loves learning new things and is continuing to catch up.

We will have a transitional meeting this month as B will no longer be eligible for therapy through this program once he is 3 and his "progress" will than be monitored by the schools.

So far so good. I still can't believe how far he has come!

C's update tomorrow. :)


  1. Wow we really are going through the same things! I'm not following you. Thanks so much for commenting on my post!

  2. I hope all is going well.

    Your site is really varied and insightful, great job.

    We try to mix fun and educational from a kid friendly point of view.
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  3. Thank you for linking up at Motivation Monday and sharing your good news!