February 5, 2011

Parenting Advice Needed

So B has decided he hates being in a dirty or wet diaper. He hates it so much in fact that almost every morning about 3am he's in our room telling us he's stinky. We change his diaper and he goes back to bed no problem. Needless to say however this is getting very old very quickly. Any ideas on what we can do? All advice appreciated! Please feel free to share.


  1. Welcome to the dreaded potty training phase of life. Every child is unique so I honestly don't even want begin to tell you the best way to try to reach the end success. I know some kids you can just say "It's time to start using the potty" They say ok and its over and done. Some will do it for stickers, stamps or an m&m. Others, well, some just do not want to. I babysit a little girl who is ready but refuses. Just the other day she said to my son "I pooped. Mimzy should change me now." If I ask her why she pooped on Dora (thats who's on her pull ups) she replies "Because, I just do not even like Dora" It will be a waiting game with her. One day she will just start using the potty. Sorry I wasn't any help but I do wish you lots of luck!

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  4. Hi I am Becky and following you (GFC, Facebook) from LGS.

    As far as the 3am potty calls it sounds like his "regular" time for now to have to go. Being his age he isn't apt to go use the bathroom on his own; so most likely this is your time for now-but you will either find his 'regular-ness' will shift or eventually he will start going to the bathroom on his own. Good luck!