June 27, 2011

Gripole Review

About Gripole:

My thoughts:
When we received the Gripole I told E I had an assignment for him. I figured this would be an awesome product for him to try out. So I showed him the Gripoles and we watched the introductory movie. Then I asked him what he would use them for. His response, "I could hang up my pens so they don't fall off my dresser." and I'm like REALLY? Don't get me started on why he has pens on his dresser anyway, but it doesn't matter what I do, he won't put them in the jar in the kitchen with everyone else's writing utensils. Anyway, back on topic, then he got all excited about seeing how much weight they could hold. (They will hold my small skillet but not the large one.) So finally, as he's hanging up anything that's sitting out, he realizes that they are strong enough to hold both a can of bug spray and a small flashlight. And it was decided that at our house this would be the best use for them right now. So, they went into the camping bucket and I will get to use them when I go camping with the kids this summer. I am going just me and the 3 kids but that's another story. It's going to be awesome to have the ability to hang up a flashlight quickly and easily when I need to change diapers and do various other things in a dark tent. So thank you Gripole, you have made my life a little easier!

You can learn more about Gripole and it's many uses HERE.

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