June 30, 2011

Liquid Gold Review

About Liquid Gold:

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative
Regular, proper care is important to maintaining the beauty &  prolonging the life of wood.  Unlike watered-down polishes & waxes that leave wood vulnerable to cracking, warping & fading, Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative is a unique time tested-organic oil formula wood cleaner & treatment, that contains no silicone or wax.  A single application will remove light wax build ups; replace lost moisture; bring back wood's natural color; lessen the appearance of nicks & scratches & leave wood dust free, clean & preserved.

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash - Concentrate
Ideal for large surface cleaning, this pleasant-smelling, advanced formula safely and effectively cleans all types of wood surfaces & more.  Wood Wash Concentrate is wonderful for cleaning and beautifying hardwood floors and it never leaves a soapy, oily, dulling or sticky residue.  Also works great on simulated wood, linoleum, tile, porcelain, vinyl, chrome, brass, fiberglass and painted surfaces. 

Scott's Liquid Gold -  providing the highest quality treatments and cleaners for all of your home cleaning needs...

My Thoughts:
I did enjoy using the Liquid Gold. It seemed to do a comparable job with wood cleaners I have used in the past. My favorite part was that thought their was a scent it was not one that was noticeable unless you were really looking for it. I do have to admit that like most cleaners, this will be turned over to E because I did break out when using it. This is by no means abnormal for me but if you have sensitive skin/allergies like I do, this is probably a cleaner better left for someone else.

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