June 21, 2011

Lovey Baby CD Review

About Lovely Baby CDs:
Lovely Baby Music was launched in July of 2002, by music industry veteran, Gary Brody. Mr. Brody started his career working for two of New York's largest music retailers - Korvettes Department Stores and King Karol Records. He went on to become Regional Marketing Manager with MCA Records in New York for seven years, working with artists like Tom Petty, Elton John and R.E.M. He has also worked with great singer-songwriters including Nancy Griffith, Lyle Lovett and Steve Earle.

It was his work with singer-songwriters that ultimately convinced him to launch his own label - Tangible Music - in the spring of 1995. He went on to work with some fantastic artists, including Iain Matthews, Gary Myrick, Darryl Purpose and blues axeman, "Guitar Pete" Brasino.

Now Lovely Baby Music brings Mr. Brody's expertise to a new level - one where helping to create a better world through music is priority number one. Working closely with Lovely Baby creator, Raimond Lap, Mr. Brody is committed to helping future generations by exposing them to music that will stimulate their brains, giving them a lifelong creative, emotional and intellectual advantage. 

My Thoughts:
As a music lover and music major our home is rarely without some sort of music playing. I have listened to a little bit of everything in my life but the boys and I all have our preferences. It is not uncommon for one of us to start dancing and singing along when we hear a song we like even if we have never heard it before. Over the last little bit as I have added the Lovey Baby CD to our collection it has been interesting to see B & C's reactions. When I first turn on the CD their seems to be very little notice however, the second the child's voice comes on in place of the adult's they both turn and look at the CD player like "are you crazy". Now maybe I have done something wrong in raising my kids. I turn on classical music and they dance. I turn on Lawrence Welk on Saturday nights and they'll sit by me quietly through the entire show. I turn on the radio in the car and they sing along and dance in their seats. This CD however gets a crazy look from B & C other than that I really don't know what to say.

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