June 17, 2011

The Perfect Tie Review

About The Perfect Tie:
The Perfect Knot Inc. was created by Franco Biancamano, a former NFL football player and Inventor. Through his many accomplishments and adventures as a professional, Franco also found his way in to the world of fashion as a print model. Being around such A-list celebrities and models Franco found it extremely odd as to how everyone would ask him how to tie a necktie. To make it easy for everyone Franco invented "The Perfect Knot". A unique product that makes tying a Double Windsor simple and perfect every time! Franco proceeded to market his product with the help of Anthony Franzese, a friend and investor who also shared the same passion and vision

E's Thoughts:
When I first told E I needed his help to review this product his response was "you want me to do what?" He did however go pull a tie out of his closet and give it a try. Let me preface this with the fact that E is really good at tying a tie. I am always amazed at how quickly he can do it and how nice it looks when he's done. When I gave the clip to him and let him watch the movie of how it is supposed to work he then tried it and found it very confusing (this was kinda funny actually). Apparently he learned to tie a tie differently than what is demonstrated. Once he had the tie done I could see no difference in the appearance and the only notice he found was that the tie was more stiff making it slightly uncomfortable.

My Thoughts:
Now you get the story about when I used The Perfect Tie. We will start by saying that even with 4 brothers, a husband, and 3 sons I cannot tie a tie to save my life. I am so bad that if I was left to get my brothers dressed for church, prior to them having this skill themselves, I would just take the tie with me to church and ask someone there to tie it for them because I really am hopeless. Once I had the Perfect Tie and had watched the instructional video two or three times I was able to tie a presentable knot. It was kinda amazing.

I guess the results of our experiment would be that if you can tie a tie and do a good job you don't kneed the Perfect Tie. However, if you are someone who doesn't tie ties on a regular basis, or is just plain bad at it, this product will probably help you out.

You can find the Perfect Tie in their shop.

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