August 19, 2013

Back To School With Sesame Street Cereal

I can't believe B only has two more weeks before he starts Kindergarten. He's growing up so fast! In fact, last week he was sick and he curled up on E's shoulder and I could almost see the little baby, just five times as long.
Because this is our first year doing back to school for kids we're trying to make it as fun as possible. I know from experience that the biggest key to a successful school year is being excited about it so that is our goal with B. So far it's going great and he is so happy to tell everyone about how he is going to go to school and all the fun things he will learn there.
One of the things we have tried with school approaching is Post's new Sesame Street Cereal. I have a house full of cereal lovers so when I was given the opportunity to try these new, alphabet based, cereals, I figured the kids would love them and they did.

We were send a box of A (apple), B (banana), and S (strawberry) cereal. The kids had fun trying each of them and each had their own favorite flavor. As a mom, my favorite thing about the cereal is that it is made with whole grain and little sugar. That means I'm giving my kids a breakfast that they enjoy without having to deal with the sugar high after they're done.
If you're looking for a fun back to school breakfast, or snack, then make sure you check out Post's new flavors today!

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