August 29, 2013

How to Block Hotel Rooms for Wedding Guests

For an out-of-town wedding, you may have guests coming from around the country or even the world. These guests will need a place to stay. While some may be lucky enough to have relatives to put them up for a night or a few, others may not have a place to stay. Since you want all your guests to be able to attend your event, it’s up to you to ensure they find room and board. Fortunately, you can block rooms in Cape Cod hotels to achieve this objective.

Deciding on a Hotel

Use the Internet and other information tools to search for hotels close to the wedding venue. If this is a strange city for most guests, aim for hotels that are within 10 miles of the venue. Call up the reservation at each hotel to get quotes on blocking out the rooms. Jot down each quote for later reference. Be sure that you know ahead of time how many guests need to be placed in a hotel so you can figure out how many rooms you’ll need to book. You may need to call up each individual guest or family to come up with these numbers. After you’ve reviewed the rates you’ve recorded, you can choose 2 hotels. One establishment may be for the big spenders who appreciate luxury, while the other one may be suited for those on a budget.

Booking Rooms

Now it’s time to call up each hotel once more. Ask the reservation agent once more for a quote on the rooms you want blocked. Be sure you explain what amenities and accommodations you want for each room. Also tell the agent what dates you wish to book the rooms. Compare the figure she gives you to the one you wrote down previously. If the second rate is higher than the first, remind the agent of the first quote you received. Most hotels will be obligated to stick to that original price. Before you swipe your credit card, find out all the details about the prices. Learn about the deposit and cancellation fees as well as any charges that may come up later. For best results, make these bookings for Cape Cod hotels half a year in advance.

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