August 14, 2013

Smart Snugs NEW All-In-Two

I'm all about finding the latest and greatest in diapers. I think this comes with having multiple kids in diapers at the same time but that seems to be a very common thing at my house. Smart Snugs just sent us one of their new All-In-Two diapers to try out and for someone who's generally partial to pockets I have to say that I really like this one. My favorite part about this diaper is how trim it is. It fit both my kids really well but I especially liked the fit on my tiny baby.

The only thing I didn't love about this diaper was that they sent the white insert. I am a mom who much prefers the dark charcoal inserts because they stain less but that is a minor thing and something that I will deal with.
Other then that the diaper is awesome! It is holding up well and the elastic has stayed tight so the fit remains good. If you're looking for a fun diaper to add to your stash make sure you check out Smart Snugs. They are awesome. I only wish they had prints!

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