August 29, 2013

How to Find and Rent Furnished Apartments

When your housing contract or lease expires or you’re transferring to another city, you know what that means—house hunting! This can be a difficult process to arrange, especially when you’re searching for an apartment. You have to find the right location at the right price with the right amenities. In addition to these concerns, some wonder about how to find places that are already furnished. They seek furnished apartments in Lubbock, TX, when they don’t already have furniture or they only plan to stay in a location for a little while.

About Furnished Apartments

So what’s involved in a furnished apartment? And why do they exist? Well, furnished apartments are convenient for tenants to move into, and they make it easy for landlords to rent out. Most of these apartments come with the basics—sofas, beds, dressers, microwave, and even a TV in some cases. For some furnished apartments, a washer, dryer, and even kitchen items may be included. There are 3 main types of furnished apartments. You may rent a studio, multi-story unit, or a whole floor. A studio apartment has the kitchen, bedroom, and living room all in one main space plus a private bathroom to the side. A multi-story apartment is typically a duplex with the living room and kitchen downstairs and the bathroom and bedroom upstairs. If you rent a whole floor, you get the top part of the house while you might have roommates who live downstairs.

How to Find and Rent One

Ready to rent? First, decide on what exactly you want. Think over price, location, amenities, availability dates, space requirements, and what you want to be furnished. Then look online. You can do a Google search or look on Craigslist if you type in what you’re seeking. You can also look through newspaper ads to see what your options are. You may even consider getting in touch with a leasing agent or apartment locator who can give you free services. Next, call up prospective furnished apartments in Lubbock, TX, to see if you can get a tour of the place. Discuss storage areas, security deposits, parking, security, and other concerns with the landlord. When you’ve looked over the contract, you should be ready to sign.

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