January 27, 2012

ChicoBag Review

With three small children I am always using bags. We take bags with us everywhere we go and ideally I like to keep them packed so I have lots of different bags for different occasions. We have a diaper bag, grocery bags, church bags, and school bags. Recently I have been looking for a good library bag and have really loved using my new ChicoBag for this occasion.

ChicoBag sent me a Chocolate Truffle bag to review. As you can see, it is a large bag which I love for the library because it fits the large picture books that most other bags don't. I also love the length of the straps. They are just perfect so I can keep the bag on my shoulder and still get most books in and out which is a big bonus. The long straps also make this bag too big for the boys to play with so I always know where to find it.

If you are looking for a great all purpose bag make sure you check out ChicoBag today. They have an awesome selection and great prices!

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  1. This bad is incredibly adorable! Now I want one!

  2. Are the bags sturdier than typical canvas bags?

  3. Its a very cute bag! I'm always looking for new good bags too since I have 4 kids and we always need to tote a bunch of stuff around!

    Marlena Curley

  4. I am always with a bag. Usually it is anything I can grab, which is sometimes, just a paperbag. These bags would be just more attractive and strudy.

  5. I had just heard about these bags last week and was wondering about them. Thanks.

  6. Beautiful bag (and adorable bag holder) - great idea of keeping multiple bags packed instead of switching everything out - probably lose less stuff that way!

  7. love their valentine's conversation hearts print bag