February 1, 2012

Lovable Labels Review

Between school, work, babysitters and other activities we are always moving around and I frequently don't have time to deal with lost items. Lovable Labels has been a big help in making sure I don't have to waist time on finding lost items. We have been using their labels for just over a year now and I have been so excited with what they can do. Not only do they look nice when you put them on but they stay looking nice even after a year of use.

I didn't get a picture of B and C's sippy cups because they were dirty but here is D's bottle with a Lovable Label going strong. When I first started making labels I used the boys' first names but I have found that I like using a last name much better. This means they can return it to the right family and I can pass things down from kid to kid without worrying about the name.

I also like the last name stickers for my school tools (calculator, scissors, computer) because I know they are not going anywhere.

If you've ever lost something due to just not knowing what was yours you've got to check these out and head over to our Lots of Love event to win a set of your very own.


  1. I haven't used these yet because a lot of our stuff is in storage, but they will be so helpful when Aiden has to go to a babysitter.

  2. We've ordered from Loveable Labels before and they are top quality. We've used them on tons of things at our home and it helps to keep things organized!