February 24, 2012

A Trip to the ER *Beware of Blood*

I had planned on spending today doing some blogging. I have some wonderful reviews to post that I need to get up for our upcoming events now that midterms are over but of course something has prevented me from doing so.

The morning started out fairly normal but just as we were getting ready for lunch and naps (mom's working time) B & C came upstairs. B told me that C had bonked and when I looked his head was covered in blood. After a quick survey of the wound we had an uncle on his way to watch B & D and C & I headed to the ER. It seems that C fell and hit the side of our stone fireplace. I think (hope) he'll be a little more careful now. Two staples and a nap later everyone seems to be ok but the blogging will have to wait until tomorrow.

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