March 1, 2013

Finding Plumbing Help in Your Vacation Home Location

melting snowman
As E and are are working to get finished with school we are trying to decide what we want to do when he graduates. I'd love to live somewhere warm but E will never move away from his mountains. I suppose that means that we are stuck but just maybe I can get a vacation home somewhere that it is warm (like Florida or Texas).
In the meantime I suppose I will need to keep living with the crazy weather in Idaho. It's been awful the last few weeks. The snow melts every morning and then it snows ever night and the poor kids' asthma is going crazy. I don't think I've seen this many noses run this much in a long time. My poor kids look like melting snowmen and frankly, I don't feel much better with my allergies.
Anyway, The good thing for me is that I know wherever I go I will have my family. I will be able to make friends and I will be at home wherever we live. I look forward to building my dream home but no matter where that is at or what it ends up looking like having my family by my side will make it mine and keep me happy. Being happy can turn any house into a home and as long as we continue to take care of each other home is where we will be.
It is also nice to know that wherever I go I will have people to help me take care of my house. There will always be a Roto-Rooter location nearby to help with plumbing. I will always have friends and family to ask about small home repairs. And hopefully my boys will continue to be helpful and learn to help me keep my house going (you should have seen them helping dad replace the dishwasher this week). I love that my kids enjoy learning and I hope that they continue to learn from their dad and our other local fix it men and women so they can care for their own houses someday.

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