March 29, 2013

Hot Water and Cold Showers

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I've told you all about the plumbing troubles we've had since E and I got married. It seems like every time we turn around something new is leaking, today it was the fridge because the kids turned the freezer off and it thawed, and I have to deal with it. One of the things we did when we moved into our new house that I am super thankful for was pay for a Water Heater Instillation.
Yes, it's starting to warm up (finally) but these past few weeks having hot water has been incredibly important for my well being. Thanks to spring, my allergies have been in full bloom and there is simply nothing like a hot shower or bath, with some essential oils included of course, to help me feel better and sleep well so I'm prepared to deal with my terrors the next day.
During the summer hot water isn't such a big deal, we did go a summer without a hot water heater at our old house and lived, but during the rest of the year I just love knowing that at the end of the day I can enjoy the soothing heat of warm water.
As a mom of diapered kids, I also like knowing that when we have a multitude of poopy underwear and throw up (it's been one of those weeks) that I can simply throw my kids in the tub and shower them off with warm water. So often this is much easier than a towel bath or even wipes and I having the shower option available is a great blessing.
Last week C got in trouble (the poopy underwear thing) and got in the shower. He wasn't listening and I gave him a blast of ice cold water. It was amazing at how quickly his attitude toward me changed. I think my son now appreciates hot water almost as much as I do. Such fun punishments, if only I had a camera ready so that you could all see what his face looked like. It was too cute and I can't believe I missed it!

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