March 5, 2013

Tiny Love for Princesses

With our new tiny princess I have been having a great time finding fun pink thinks for her to wear and toys for her to play with. Baby F's current favorite toy is the Tiny Princess Gymini Bouncer by Tiny Love. This bouncer is amazing! I'll start by saying that the toys it came with are super fun. My big boys even have a great time pulling on the little bug and feeling it vibrate.
The bounce to this bouncer is a great amount. I love that the heavier Baby F gets the more the bouncer lays back so it keeps her from falling out as easily. She's also gotten pretty good at kicking and making the chair move. We hardly ever use the batteries to make the chair bounce which is great for me.
The best feature of this bouncer has got to me the adjustable activity arches. They seemed a bit odd to me at first because they were so different from what I had seen but now that I have used them I know how awesome they are. The way these arches are designed makes it extra easy to get your baby in and out of the bouncer. I don't ever bonk Baby F's head when I'm trying to put her down or pick her up like I do with her other seats. The arms are easy to move and the boys like that they can move them to give her kisses without hitting their own heads.
Another bonus I have found for these adjustable arches is to hold a blanket to take photos. I have been taking monthly photos of Baby F and most of them have been taken in this bouncer. It holds her in a great position for now and when I lay a blanket on the bouncer I can put the arches out and drape the blanket over them giving me enough of a backdrop to cover up whatever else might be laying around on my floor. It's awesome!
We just love all of our Tiny Love toys and I know you will love them too! Check out their awesome collections for the special little one in your life today.

NOTE: just a side note to let you know this bouncer also washes really well. F did some major exploding from her diaper yesterday and it all washed out wonderfully! (added 3/15/13)

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