March 15, 2013

Learning From The Past - Living Over the Hills

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When we bought our home, almost two years ago, one thing I didn't realize is that we were moving into an area that is similar to a retirement community. Part of it is the age of the homes but we also have a set of condos and an assisted living center within a block of our home. In many ways it is hard to have a young family in this area because the individuals living in these areas, mostly older women, don't care to go out and make friends but the good news is that there are a few who do and that is awesome!
I have made a few friends in our neighborhood who are simply wonderful people. They always say hi when they see me and love to get to know the kids. I love talking to these ladies and learning from them. This summer I have plans with a few of them to work on things like my bread making skills and other fun things that they can teach me.
For those people who don't care to spend time associating with others it makes me sad. I know that life is much more fun to live with friends and I wish that they could all see the blessings of having friends around. I also see that some of them believe they have done everything so now they feel it's ok to sit and do nothing but this vision comes to me a little differently. When I look at this group of people I see a wealth of knowledge that I would love to learn from. They all have so many experiences, many of them similar to me, and it would be so interesting to me to sit and learn from them. You all know that I love to sew, cook, and craft and my guess is that many of these ladies also have great recipes and homemaking ideas that I would love to put to good use.
My thought to anyone reading this, visit the elderly near you, like at Siena Hills. Learn from them. If they will share their knowledge, take advantage of it. It can be an amazing experience and one that you will benefit from greatly!

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