March 8, 2013

Reaching My Weight Loss Goal for Fun Summer Skirts

Spring is here, kinda. We had snow again this morning but it's back to melting this afternoon. Idaho weather is wonderful like that. With spring comes Easter which means it's almost time to dig my clothes boxes out of the basement so I can switch over to my summer wardrobe (now that I am excited about). Goodbye turtlenecks and sweaters! Hello shorts, skirts, and swimsuits!
I'm super excited about this years change of seasons because I know I have a bunch of clothes down there that I have never worn. I got some great cheap skirts and capris on clearance last year. They are super cute and I can't wait to be able to wear them once I finish loosing some weight and it gets a bit warmer! Hopefully if I feel like I can look cute I can get up the courage to take the kids out more. They love to go to the library and the park but it's hard for me to want to go out when I feel like my clothes don't fit.
I've got just a few more weeks to reach my goal. I don't know that I'll quite make it but it should be close. I really want to be able to wear one of my new dresses for Easter that are a size smaller than what I am wearing now. I suppose that means I need to eat less cookies (says the girl with the package of Oreos sitting next to her) and get up and exercise. I know the warming weather will help me want to get out and exercise more but I am currently taking advantage of every chance I've got to get some outside time into my schedule.
However, I do have backup plans until it really warms up. I've got some yoga and dancing videos that I love to work with and most of the time the boys will do them with me. Some days I can even get E to spend some time working out with me, although those days get to be further between the closer that finals get. Hopefully next week will be another good one and I'll be even closer to reaching my weight loss goals and fitting into all my fun summer clothes!

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