September 18, 2017

Air Plants 101

Who has heard of air plants? That's ok, I hadn't either until plant geek E came home obsessed with them. Basically they are crazy looking plants that get all the nutrients they need from the air around them. This means that other then the occasional misting they don't need anything else to grow making them the perfect plant for a house with small children who like to play in the dirt.

Because E loves these so much I figured they are perfect to put in the place he spends a decent amount of time every day - the bathroom. Plus, if they're in the bathroom the steam should take care of most of their moisture needs so as long as I shower they should need very little other care, and we all hope I continue to shower. Te he. I didn't want to leave the plants just sitting there as it's probably better for them if I keep them out of kids reaches so I found these adorable glass Airariums that will be perfect for the job.

Now that the containers are here, I just need to find the perfect plants to go inside and I'll be able to surprise E one of these days with something he'll love but won't expect. So much fun!

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