September 18, 2017

secondlifeforvinyl Star Wars 12-Inch Vinyl Wall Clock

Most of you don't know but my parents trained me up well, on vinyl and Star Wars. I mean, you can't go wrong there. My kids on the other hand don't know what vinyl is but we have seen all the classic Star Wars together and loved them. For that reason, I am excited to bring this new Vinyl Wall Clock into my house. Pictures just don't do it justice so check out this awesome video below!

So, here's my question(s) of the day. Do you listen to vinyl? Is it something you have around your home? What is your favorite track? And what clock would you love to have created from vinyl?

 hey guys it's me again I got another
package in the mail today and I'm so
excited I just have to let you guys help
me unbox it so I'm gonna flip the camera
around here and show you what I've got
just a second okay so this is supposed
to be a vinyl clock and I was raised in
a family where we listen to records so
for me this is super super cool let's
get it open here it's a super sturdy box
great for gifting or whatever you need
to there package is wrapped super
security which I love to see and this is
the clock it looks like a little leaflet
here how to install the hands which is
good and the hands are here there's
those and look at this clock how cool is
that I'm so excited to get this up and
installed I think see it says Star Wars
there and then you can see their record
and the clock mechanism on the back

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